Using a Brand Stylist

We create beautiful brands that are timeless, sophisticated and memorable.

Knowing just how to bring your brand to life can be a little daunting. You have a vision in your mind of how it all should look, but you can't quite fit the pieces together. That's where we come in!

The first thing a client often says to us is 'I know what I want, I just don't know exactly how to get it!'. You're not alone, this is a very common problem that budding business owners face. I thought I'd break down exactly what is that a brand stylist does, and why it's the best way to bring your brand to life. 

80% of consumers are more likely to buy or enquire about services from the brands they follow on social channels.

It's more important than ever to have a beautiful, consistent brand on all digital platforms. Getting your brand looking just right will help with messaging and the way in which you structure and advertise your content. 

Your brand should be consistent on all platforms, we make sure that we give you the right pieces of advice to do so.  Having beautiful branding is the first and most vital step in garnering the consumers attention. We'll talk you through every step along the way no matter how big or small the job may be. If you're deciding wether of not to go with a brand stylist, here are the top three things you should consider...

The Palette

Chances are you have an idea of colours, fonts and a look that resonates with your personality. Your brand is an extension of you and it should represent that. From our first meeting I take note of style, the way you speak, what your passionate about and then embody all of those things in the palette of the brand. Think about this initial stage as a way of working out what you like the taste of. Just as you wouldn't eat things you dislike, you shouldn't extend your brand beyond things that naturally suit your personality.

The Styling

This is where the heavy lifting is done on our part! After we've picked your brand palette we piece together all the elements, combined with some beautiful imagery to bring to life your brand on various platforms. Logo, photography, video, website and branding collateral all come together to create a beautiful new identity. You get to remain hands on, overseeing and approving the stages of design but you don't have to actually piece it all together yourself.

The Peace Of Mind

It's simple, we take the hard work out of one of the most important elements of your business. We love what we do and seek to deliver minimalistic, beautiful designs that will give your brand not only the perfect look but one that won't date too quickly. Once you've got your brand in place we can help you with social media content and give you advice on how to roll it out over multiple platforms. We also stick around and check in every so often. It's important to keep your brand evolving as your business grows, so we won't be loving and leaving you the moment our first lot of work is done! 

Need more convincing or are you already on board and want to start immediately?! Head on over and contact us now to meet up for a cup of tea or two!

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