When the wonderful women at Gen Collective came to me with an idea to reshape their brand, I jumped at the opportunity! GC are a very well respected and much loved group of like minded women, who strive to create a foundation for strong business relationships and friendships for women in the Hunter. Formerly known as Gen X Women, the ladies wanted to bring a fresh spin and a new name to the branding. We tossed around LOADS of ideas and came to the conclusion that Gen Collective would be a perfect fit! The ladies already worked with a lot of green, so I wanted to stick with what was familiar, but tone it down to make a little softer.  The result is feminine, beautiful and hopefully very welcoming for those existing members, and the new ones to come. We worked through branding sheets, designed the new hand painted logo, colour schemes, web branding sheets and finally brought the new brand to life with a fabulous new website.