Why you should visit our store on the 1st Monday of every month


On the first Monday of each month you'll see a new digital product pop up in our store.

This month if you're after an inexpensive, beautiful one-of-a-kind logo suite, then you should DEFINITELY check out our shop! There you'll find a new logo suite and once it's sold, the design is gone, never to appear again (except in the lucky owner's beautiful brand collateral). All you have to do is pay for the logo suite, fill out the form telling us your brand's name and tagline (if required) and you'll have your new logo delivered to your inbox within 2 business days! It's as simple as that! Can you imagine a simpler logo design process? 

This is perfect for those who have a budding business idea or anyone who wants a quick refresh but don't have the time or cash to go through the whole custom logo design process. 

Our first logo suite is already up and running with many more to come! You'll also see new digital guides and services pop up month by month. Happy shopping!!!