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Hi there! I'm Lizzy or almost every abbreviation of Elizabeth to someone significant in my life. I hail from a small beach town in Australia that aptly regards itself as a city. I now exist somewhere between there and a few other cities that I venture to for work or too many cups of tea with friends.

I often describe myself as a creative nerd. Pragmatic, yet imaginative. I suppose the best example of this is what I chose to study at university -  Law and Communications. I wanted the structure that Law provided, yet the creativity that came along with communications; marketing & design.

When I finished my studies (in amongst spending time in America writing songs) I started my life as a freelancer (or modern day cowboy) at 23 and then launched my own business at 24. 

My twenties have been spent juggling songwriting and building up my own business. 

I now run Basic Black Creative where we work predominantly on branding and digital content for businesses - I know, how incredibly millennial of me..



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