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Looking for that vogue touch? We create beautiful branding for boutique businesses, artists, influencers and luxury brands.

Where we are.

We work with clients in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles to develop unique, dynamic and effective branding that has a personalised touch. Don't be afraid to get in touch with us if you live outside of those areas, we work with anyone, anywhere if the project is right!


Web Design
Graphic Design
Digital Content Creation
Photography & Styling
Art Direction
Music / Score composition
Social Media Management

Team Captain.

Lizzy Hodgins - Creative Director


Lizzy studied Law and Communications at university in her home town of Newcastle. She started BBC in 2013 as a freelance venture whilst travelling to and from the US. Lizzy also writes songs and score for film and TV projects in Australia and the US. You can learn more by checking out her website here.


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